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Beating the Odds is a podcast full of inspiration and advice from minority entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles to build successful businesses. Each episode details their journey to success, and the issues that can sidetrack a business. Many of the challenges are unique to minority entrepreneurs while others are faced by all business owners. Some of the companies featured are large, some are small; but each story provides valuable lessons and inspiration to anyone who wants to succeed on their own. Listen, learn, and beat the odds!

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Great Business Ideas from All Kinds of People

At Hidden Star, we believe great ideas can come from anywhere or anyone, but without the resources, contacts, money, or help getting started, your idea might not become the great company you dream of. Here are a few examples of Hidden Stars we are helping.

Dexter Blanch, CEO, PABS Delay Her Spay

A few of the more than 500 low-income and minority entrepreneurs we have helped.

Johnny, entrepreneur (image)

Johnny M.
Los Angeles, CA

Dream: Has worked in a transmission-repair shop since high school; more than 10 years. Wants to open his own shop and be his own boss with his own employees.

Needs: Permits and regulation, help with real estate site selection, and lease negotiation. Also needs help finding money sources and negotiating to obtain the necessary equipment.

Heard about Hidden Star from: Found the Hidden Star website.

Victoria G.
Brentwood, Tennessee

Dream: Wants to pursue her passion of baking. She has won many contests for pies and cakes and wants to open her own small bakery in south Nashville.

Needs: Help with getting permits and understanding regulations; real estate site selection; lease negotiation; finding and obtaining low-cost, used bakery equipment so she can open a small bakery and grow from there. Also needs help with a name, website, and marketing for her shop.

Heard about Hidden Star from: A local government worker she called in search of help.

Katherine H, entrepreneur (image)

Katherine H.
Charlotte, NC

Dream. Wants to start a company to produce and sell products to detect date-rape drugs and other substances in drinks. This will help victims defend against predators spiking their drinks. She is passionate about this since a close friend was drugged and raped a few years ago.

Needs. Preliminary patent search, understanding of the process of producing such a product, and how to distribute and market the product. Basic coaching and counseling on the process of setting up a company from scratch.

Heard about Hidden Star from: A friend.

Monica B.
Denver, CO

Dream: As a lifelong pet lover, she wants to open a pet-grooming and boarding business. This will allow her the flexibility to set her own schedule and take care of her elderly mother who is in poor health. If possible, she would like to start this in her home, then grow from there.

Needs: Knows that permits are required, but needs help with the application process, understanding regulations and taxing for home-based businesses, setting up an accounting system, and accepting credit card payments. Also needs help with marketing and choosing a company name, designing a logo, and building a website.

Heard about Hidden Star from: A friend.

Daniel, entrepreneur (image)

Daniel H.
Dallas, Texas

Dream: After working several years as a superintendent and foreman for a large lawn-care services company, he wants to be his own boss by owning his own lawn care and landscape business.

Needs: Needs help with marketing, website, logo, and other promotional materials. Also needs help in developing personnel policies and procedures, instruction on how to interview and hire, leadership coaching, and financial management.

Heard about Hidden Star from: Found the Hidden Star website with a Google search.

Dexter Blanch headshot (image)

Dexter Blanch
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dream: To grow recognition and online sales of his product, PABS Delay Her Spay—a breeding prevention harness system for dogs in season.

Needs: Needs help with marketing, website, search-engine optimization, and other public relations tasks.

Heard about Hidden Star from: Dr. John S. Butler.

In some cases, the names and locations of our Hidden Stars have been changed in order to protect their privacy.