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A Nonprofit Organization Helping Under-Resourced Entrepreneurs

The Hidden Star organization is a nonprofit. When you donate, you get a tax deduction—which is always good—and you get the immense satisfaction of knowing you helped these hardworking men and women follow their dream. You can also be a part of the elite group that gets first look at investing in these companies when the time is right. This could be very beneficial for the companies and for you.

Please support the Hidden Star organization and invest in the future of America and in our entrepreneurs’ futures.

About Hidden Star

The Hidden Star organization represents an exciting, innovative, and new approach to increasing entrepreneurship and business ownership among the members of disadvantaged, low-income, and minority groups. As a society, we simply must improve success in this area. Consider these important facts:

  • New company formation in the U.S. is at a historic low point.
  • For the first time in American history, the number of companies going out of business outnumbers new companies.
  • The low-income, under-privileged, disadvantaged, and minorities are profoundly underrepresented in American business ownership. Participation rates among these groups are terrible.
  • Success and survival rates are worse. Failure rates of disadvantaged firms are up to FOUR TIMES higher. Of the companies formed that grow to 100 or more employees in five years, only 1% are African American owned and only 1.4% are Hispanic owned.

Members of these disadvantaged groups participate in business ownership and start-ups at significantly lower rates and fail at significantly higher rates. Something must change. Someone needs to help break this terrible cycle.

Hidden Star will.

We all know the incredible power of being the first in a family to go to college. Hidden Star will have an equal or greater effect by giving someone a chance to be the first in his or her family to start and own a successful business.

Our mission is three-fold:

  • Dramatically increase the chances of success for low-income and minority businesses
  • Counsel and mentor the entrepreneur to ensure success throughout the life of the business
  • Utilize our unique Pay It Forward with Equity twist to become self-sustaining and provide more and more help for more and more disadvantaged entrepreneurs.

We have a unique and truly remarkable Pay it Forward with Equity twist, which makes the Hidden Star nonprofit organization self-sustaining over time. We intend to address the hot political issue of income inequality and redistribution of wealth through free enterprise, not through government.

Join us in helping our Hidden Stars achieve their American Dream.


To request additional information about how you can donate time, talent, equity, or money, please complete this form.