Jason Schenker

Jason Schenker (image)

Financial Futurist, Economist
Founder, Prestige Economics

Jason Schenker is the world’s top ranked Financial Market Futurist. As the President of Prestige Economics, he advises executives, corporate boards, public corporations, private companies, central banks, nonprofits, and governmental bodies. He also directs forecasting, risk management, and strategic consulting projects.

Mr. Schenker is consistently ranked one of the most accurate forecasters in the world by Bloomberg News. Since 2011, he has been ranked the #1 forecaster in the world for his forecast accuracy in 23 different categories, including for his forecasts of the Euro, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc, the Russian Ruble, the Brazilian Real, crude oil prices, natural gas prices, gold prices, industrial metals prices, agricultural commodity prices, and non-farm payrolls.