C.R. (Steve) Stevens

C.R. Steve Stevens headshot (image)
Inventor, Entrepreneur, CEO
Inventor of “The Clapper”
Lone Star Scientific, Inc.
Steve Stevens is a legend in the invention community. He invented the iconic “Clapper” light controller and many other products. The odds are good you have or more of Steve’s inventions in your house. His career has been an astonishing journey, one success after another.
A graduate of Stanford University with a B.S. in Physics; Steve has 45 issued patents to his name, 45 patents pending, and many more in preparation. He has taken extensive post graduate education in economics in order to run and grow his companies more effectively.
He is a founding member of the Board of Future Engineers of America and has or is serving on the Boards of: National Electrical Manufacturers Association, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), Illumination Engineering Society, the Association of Energy Engineers and many others.