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One balmy Austin evening, the founder of Hidden Star was jogging around Town Lake, when he overheard a part of a conversation between two men who worked for the parks department picking up trash on the trail. One of them said to the other “I have a thousand GREAT ideas for a company, but no way to make them happen!!” Hidden Star’s founder continued jogging, but a few moments later stopped in his tracks, as bells began going off in his head. He realized, every human has the potential for innovation, each person owns a plethora of unique ideas, whether they have the resources available to them or not! America is a melting pot of diversity, born on thrifty entrepreneurship. As Americans, shouldn’t we all have equal access to the American dream?

Such was the supernova that threw Hidden Star into the universe.

At Hidden Star our mission is to assist low-income, disadvantaged, minority entrepreneurs start and grow new small businesses nationwide. Our team has decades of business experience, and wants to share this experience with YOU, for FREE! Why? Because more small businesses means a better economy, and a better economy means a happier, healthier, stronger America for everyone.

We know financial assistance is a key component of starting a business, but a sustainable business plan involves much more than money. Hidden Star will assist you in obtaining the appropriate resources, help, and assistance at every step of the way. We can vet your ideas; evaluate potential and markets; develop a structure; assess legal services and real estate needs; create marketing materials, websites, and logos; and even work with a wide variety of funding sources to find appropriate capital.

If you have a killer idea brewing in your mind, but don’t know what to do about it, turn to Hidden Star. We do know what to do—and we want to help you, free of charge! Visit our website, and check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for more information, where you will meet some of the Hidden Stars we are already assisting.

Don’t hold back your ingenuity. Let’s make free enterprise work for everyone! It’s time to unveil America’s Hidden Stars!

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