Cyndie Shaffstall

Cyndie Shaffstall (image)

Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant, Author
C Shaffstall & Son, LLC DBA Spider Trainers

On the heels of her first ten non-fiction books, Ms. Shaffstall founded ThePowerXChange, the world’s first company dedicated to the international distribution of graphic design and print extensions software. Taking aim at the same audience, she published X-Ray Magazine, to which she also contributed as editor and writer of feature articles. She has released two series of eLearning videos on desktop-publishing software, and has written hundreds of eBooks, case studies, white papers, blog articles, and other online content for clients, her companies, and online magazines such as Target Marketing MagazineBook Business Insights, and others.

Ms. Shaffstall has enjoyed a successful career at the helm of more than a dozen companies, including Sassy Strapps for which she also holds the patent; international marketing company, Spider Trainers; and Infinite Clothing, makers of a sustainable line of performance wear. In addition to the Hidden Star Advisory Board, she is chairwoman of the Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce. As a public speaker, she has presented to audiences across the globe on software, publishing, writing, and automated marketing for companies such as American Marketing Association, Act-On Software, Target Marketing Magazine,, Salesforce, WooCommerce, and many others. As a best-selling author, she has recently completed her first fiction series, which includes an Amazon® best seller, Willows: The Creole.